Embodying the truth that we are.

Embodying the truth that we are.

Coming back to essence

This modern day mystery school touches the soul softly and powerfully to come back home. Merging the ancient sciences and arts in this modern day world for powerful transformations.

You can find me co-facilitating at these events with the International School of Temple Arts

From ancient Egyptian Yoga teacher trainings in Luxor to many weekend workshops- I invite you to listen to your deep calling.

I offer a number of sessions from one and one life force activations to Skype calls.

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Other transformational journey's

Mystery Schools support an abundance of offerings, here are some more rich, deep and fertile workshops.
Blue Lotus Ceremonies and retreats

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The dragon woman series

Earth- Fire- Water and Air dragons make up this powerful series, currently taking place in the south of France.


The Divine Courtesan


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